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2017 saw fake news entering the mainstream, and us getting comfortable with it

Fake News’ has been named Word(s) of the Year 2017 by Collins Dictionary. The dictionary said its use has surged 365% in the year since US President Donald Trump got elected. Trump might not have made it to the cover of Time Magazine as Person of the Year, but at...
If marriages fail should state jail husbands? A Thought on Tripal Talaq

If marriages fail should state jail husbands? A Thought on Tripal Talaq

By criminalising instant triple talaq, the government risks squandering the gains from outlawing this patently unjust practice. What is unconstitutional is not necessarily a crime. Suicide was decriminalised when the state realised the futility of penalising those attempting it. In contrast adultery, defamation, homosexuality still remain criminal offences –...
Gujarat-Election-2017 - Takeaway from Gujarat elections: Growth becomes truly big bang only when it is inclusive

Takeaway from Gujarat elections: Growth becomes truly big bang only when it is inclusive

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi were to have a year-end appraisal, this would probably count as a ‘better than expected’ year. GST delayed didn’t become GST denied. The same government that had once tied itself in knots trying to amend the land acquisition bill has now shown enough political...
Can Make in India Work

Can ‘Make In India’ Work – An Opinion

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised he would promote a ‘Make in India’ revolution. Nearly four years later, a manufacturing revolution is nowhere in sight. Make in India was supposed to not just boost manufacturing, it was also supposed to generate employment. Estimates show there has been virtually no jobs...
American Lesson For India

American Lessons for India

We look up to America for a number of good reasons. But there are a few cautionary tales as well, especially in the area of public spending. The US, however, rarely looks outside its borders, east or west, for ideas. The Midwest, the country's navel, is where it gazes most...

Re-imagining the OBC quota – What Does it Mean

The Union Cabinet has approved a proposal to set up a panel to examine sub-categorisation of the Socially and Educationally Other Backward Castes (OBCs). The stratification of OBC quota could lead to a quota within quota in OBC reservations. This is a move which could affect educationally and socially advanced...

Reservation Problem in India: An Insight

The government recently decided to begin the process for establishing the National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes with Constitutional status in place of the National Commission for Backward Classes. Its intention is to tackle the increasing demand for reservation by an increasing number of castes across states. The usefulness and...

The Wheel of Social Injustice

The government’s decision to set up a National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (NCSEdBC) in place of the existing National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) meets long-standing demands. The Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEdBCs), and the Forum of BC MPs have asked for its constitution and...
Why Women Should Eat at last in India

Women : Why should they eat at last

In households with a limited food budget, or where there is no refrigerator to store leftover food, the person who eats last very often gets less or lower quality food India has a major child malnutrition problem. The Rapid Survey on Children (2012-13) found that about 4 in 10 children...
Untouchability in India

Untouchability – A Problem in India and Teaching Children about it

Rather than deny its existence, it is time for parents, teachers, and even the government to start talking to children about ending such practices today Many of us, especially in urban areas, think about caste only in the context of reservations or when we come across media reports of Dalits...

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