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Inter caste marriages in India

Inter caste marriages in India and frowning upon it

A survey in two diverse areas shows that the desire to stop other people from having inter-caste or inter-religious marriages is not as uncommon as we might like to think It may seem that inter-caste marriage aren’t as uncommon as they used to be. Maybe you’ve even met someone whose...
Social Attitudes Research for India - Reservation Problem in India

Reservation : Its not just about it

We need to educate children in schools about caste, ethnic, gender and regional diversities and have public policy interventions to make society more equal and fair Should jobs, schools, and universities promote diversity with reservations or quotas? This question has long evoked strong and passionate responses. People come to the...

Excellent Education – What does it mean to me?

Patty Murray once said, "Good education means learning to read, write and most importantly learn how to learn so that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up" and I believe in that. 7 years after finishing my high school, and 2 years after my post...

Why property rights for women in India matter

For women, effective rights in property are critically important, not just for their economic well-being but also for their political and social empowerment. Why is women’s command over such property important? Consider land. As I have spelt out in my writings, for the vast numbers still living in villages, land...
Land and Property Rights

Land and Property Rights for Indian Women

In most Indian families, women do not own any property in their own names, and do not get a share of parental property. Due to weak enforcement of laws protecting them, women continue to have little access to land and property. In fact, some of the laws discriminate against...

Women Property Rights in India

In India, women’s access and rights of ownership over family property (both moveable and immoveable), in the absence of a will, is governed by succession laws based on religion. Under Hindu law prior to 1937, a woman did not have the right to own any property at all, except...

Women Property Rights in Brief

Constitution of India does not differentiate between males and females. Women have equal rights as that of a man in every sphere. Earlier women did not have any rights to the property and they were at the mercy of the male members of the family. Joint Hindu Family, an unique...
Land and property rights are the ultimate human rights - and in the hands of women, can act as a powerful economic catalyst.

It’s Time to Give Women Equal Property Rights, They Own it

Most of us would consider our home as the ultimate sanctuary: it’s the place that we make our own and guard from others, a safe space for our families. We may worry over the cost of renting or buying our home. We may struggle to maintain it. But we...

Property and land rights are key to women’s empowerment

On a hot afternoon, Anju, 16, eldest of six sisters, sat on a Chorpoy (a woven light bedstead) a few steps away from me in a room in her house. The door was closed to block the bright sunlight or, perhaps, to muffle the sounds of our conversation. We...

Women to get joint land ownership with men

In a first-of-its-kind decision in the state, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis(link is external)has decided to give ownership rights of the land to women along with the men when regularizing slum areas. The decision has been taken along with the policy decision to regularize slums on properties owned by Nagpur Improvement Trust(link...

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