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Words of The Month – June 2017

List of all words, that needed me to look in dictionary while reading 21 editorials. I have arranged them in alphabetical order for my ease. The related editorials can be accessed from the links below.  Some words are super easy in terms of general use, though the contextual meaning...
Top 100 Most Used Words

Words of The Day – 29th June 2017

While reading an Editorial " Pay to publish: making paid news an electoral offence  " in The Hindu, here are the words,  I needed to look in Dictionary. Abet(verb) – encourage, support, assist/help. Adjudicate(verb) – judge, adjudge, give/declare a verdict (on a disputed matter). Circumvent(verb) – bypass, avoid, dodge. Curb(verb) – check, restraint, control. ...

Politics beyond the boundary

India’s cricket team received its comeuppance in the Champions Trophy final. I was not in the country and missed the match, but I hear our captain’s face appeared longer in the spots flogging deodorant and insurance between overs than the total time he spent at the crease. No matter:...
Top 100 Most Used Words

Improve Vocabulary : Words of the Day

Here are the words, I needed to look in dictionary while reading Editorial " Warm in Wahsington - Modi Meets Donald Trump" in The Hindu. Accord(noun) – treaty, agreement, settlement/deal. Albeit(conjunction) – though, even though, however. Articulate(verb) – express, communicate, make public/announce. Bilateral(adjective) – involving two groups or countries. Bonhomie(noun)...

Improve Vocabulary : Words of The Day

List of words, which I found in The Hindu Editorial "Qatar Crisis - Mending the Rift." Bloc(noun) – alliance, group, federation/union. Bully(noun) – persecutor, oppressor, browbeater/intimidator. Cease(verb) – stop, conclude, terminate. Comply with (verb) – abide by, adhere to, follow/respect. Disown(verb) – renounce, reject, deny. Dissident(noun) – objector, protester, disputant. Enforce(verb) – force, compel, demand/insist...
Top 100 Most Used Words

30 Most Used Words, Improve Your English With It

Here is a list of words, compiled from reading editorials. These are top 30 most used words, that occurred to me in newspapers lately. I guess keeping it compiled here would be easy to have access whenever required. Assassination(noun) – murder, killing. Asylum(noun) – psychiatric/mental hospital, mental institution. Burkini(noun) – this swimsuit covers a...
what is y2k bug

Y2K Bug – All About It

The Y2K Bug, also known as the Year 2000 bug or Millennium Bug, was centered around a problem in the coding of computerized systems. It was expected to create havoc in computers and IT networks across the world at the start of the year 2000. The fear of a technological meltdown...
Top 100 Most Used Words

100 Most Used Words, To Improve English, You Must Know

Here is the list of most used 100 words. If you want to improve your verbal and written english, it is suggested to learn these 100 words by heart and put them in your daily use. 1 . Accountability(noun) – responsibility, liability, answerability, culpability. Adept(adjective) – expert, skillful, proficient, talented; brilliant, outstanding, splendid. Aftermath(noun) – repercussions, after-effects, by-product; ...

High-stakes battle: on the Iran elections

ith Iranians going to the polls on Friday to elect a President, the odds appear to be in favour of the incumbent, Hassan Rouhani. Since the 1979 Revolution, all but the first President of the Islamic Republic, who had been impeached, have served two terms. Mr. Rouhani is particularly...

The other debt issue: on the States’ finances

or the first time in 11 years, in 2015-16 the combined fiscal deficit of India’s 29 States as a proportion of the size of their economies breached the 3% threshold recommended as a fiscally prudent limit by successive Finance Commissions. The Reserve Bank of India has warned that the...

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