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August 30,1976, Forty Years Ago: Nazrul Islam dead

Read this opinion at : August 30,1976, Forty Years Ago: Nazrul Islam dead Source: Indian Express - Editorials

Preparing for the Fed rate hike

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has made clear that the U.S. central bank is preparing for its next interest rate increase amid signs that a consumption-led expansion in the world’s largest economy is gaining traction, albeit at a moderate pace. While stopping short of indicating a time frame for...

ISRO’s scramjet on course

The Indian Space Research Organisation joined an elite club when, on Sunday, it successfully launched a rocket using a scramjet engine that was developed indigenously. This is ISRO’s first major step towards developing an air breathing propulsion system. The scramjet engine functioned for around six seconds. There are many...

The neighbour’s concern

I wouldn’t recognise the Balochistan problem if it hit me in the face.” These were words spoken by Henry Kissinger during a mission to Pakistan on behalf of the Kennedy Administration in 1962. The words seem oddly out of place today, for suddenly Balochistan is the subject of protracted...

Incredible minister

Read this opinion at : Incredible minister Source: Indian Express - Editorials

Savings scenario

RBI’s new annual report offers further proof that household savings in India are dropping rapidly as a proportion of GDP Read this opinion at : Savings scenario Source: Mint - Opinions

Devas moves UK, France courts over Antrix dues

The commercial arm of Isro earns bulk of its foreign revenue from England, France Read this opinion at : Devas moves UK, France courts over Antrix dues Source: Business Standard

Look back, look ahead

Read this opinion at : Look back, look ahead Source: Indian Express - Editorials

The way forward

Read this opinion at : The way forward Source: Indian Express - Editorials

Winners and losers in the new China

As bureaucrats in Beijing continue creating jobs for bankers and subsidizing start-ups, this is creating some alarming tensions Read this opinion at : Winners and losers in the new China Source: Mint - Opinions

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While avoiding overt discrimination, parties stoke voters’ prejudices subliminally

The disappearance of inflammatory communal slogans from political speeches suggests development is the agenda for 2014.

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