Politics beyond the boundary

Politics beyond the boundary


India’s cricket team received its comeuppance in the Champions Trophy final. I was not in the country and missed the match, but I hear our captain’s face appeared longer in the spots flogging deodorant and insurance between overs than the total time he spent at the crease. No matter: It’s only a game. For those of us who see all Pakistanis as enemies, the defeat was a moment of catastrophe, but of course everyone will have moved on by now. A few days before the match, as Pakistan was muscling its way to the final, a reporter called to ask me about a controversy …

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  1. India lost the Champions Trophy final which was quite disappointing. India did not receive comeuppance in the Champions Trophy final.Did India really deserved this fate? A true patriot would strongly condemn such remark.

    Secondly, it is not right to consider Indian Cricket Team selection as an “inegalitarian” system. Ravindra Jadeja,son of a security guard,Irfan and Yusuf Pathan, son of a Muezzin, Mohammed Shami,son of a farmer are some of the names who have made it to Indian Cricket team and defied the fact that opportunities were for urban upper class or upper caste.

    Lastly I’d like to conclude that India is a secular country. From bearing stone pelters in Kashmir , anti India slogans to returning 12 year old Pakistani boy who accidentally crossed the border are evidences of the fact that India is not a tormentor to any religious group.Do we really need to warrant this fact?