Say what you will

Say what you will

Predict, or contradict or just be addicted…it’s all about what you speak.

The root word dict and its variant dic means to speak or to say.

A dictionary helps with pronunciation that helps you to say the word, besides giving information on definitions and word origins.

When Meena said, “I am getting so addicted to this book,” she has just said or declared her love for it.

Dict words

“Guess what? I can predict events!” said Vishal. By predicting, Vishal is saying what will occur before they actually happen. “But yesterday your prediction that it will not rain contradicted what actually happened! It rained cats and dogs,” said his brother, jokingly. The word contradict means to speak against.

If your teacher asks you to take a dictation, then she is going to say out aloud, notes that she wants you to write down.

Now think of it…is it good to behave like a dictator and boss others around? A dictator is someone who has absolute power or pronounces his command. And that wouldn’t make you very popular among your friends, for sure!

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