Words of The Day – 29th June 2017

Words of The Day – 29th June 2017


While reading an Editorial ” Pay to publish: making paid news an electoral offence  ” in The Hindu, here are the words,  I needed to look in Dictionary.

  1. Abet(verb) – encourage, support, assist/help.
  2. Adjudicate(verb) – judge, adjudge, give/declare a verdict (on a disputed matter).
  3. Circumvent(verb) – bypass, avoid, dodge.
  4. Curb(verb) – check, restraint, control.
  5. Enforce(verb) – force, compel, demand/insist on.
  6. Expeditiously(adverb) – quickly and efficiently.
  7. Further(verb) – promote, advance, forward/stimulate.
  8. Grave(adjective) – serious, severe; terrible/awful.
  9. Ground(noun) – reason, cause, factor.
  10. Haul(verb) – drag, pull/draw, p
  11. Implied(adjective) – implicit, indirect, suggested.
  12. Incur(verb) – sustain, experience, experience/expose oneself to.
  13. Letter and spirit(phrase) – adhering to /obeying both literal interpretation/wording and the spirit/intent/purpose of the law.
  14. Malpractice (noun) – misconduct, wrongdoing, unprofessionalism.
  15. Masquerade(verb) – pretend, impersonate, disguise (oneself as).
  16. Notional(adjective) – not practical, conceptual, theoretical.
  17. Ought to(modal verb) – must, should.
  18. Pertainto (verb) – concern, relate to, be connected with.
  19. Plea(noun) – claim, explanation, defence/justification.
  20. Prejudicially(adverb) – detrimentally/harmfully, disadvantageously, unfavourably.
  21. Propaganda(noun) – information, promotion, publicity.
  22. Prospects(noun) – chances, opportunities, possibilities (for success).
  23. Stall(verb) – stop, obstruct, impede/hinder.
  24. Suppress(verb) –  stifle, prevent/conceal, inhibit.
  25. Underline(verb) – emphasize, highlight, draw attention to.

— Disclaimer : 

To see the meaning of word by Oxford Dictionary, click on the word. Or just highlight the word to see the meaning from inbuilt dictionary.

The definitions or meanings of words above, are based on my understanding and reading and not that of Oxford dictionary.

The definitions/ meanings are tentative, a summarized out come of internet search.

This list is based on my personal experience and study.

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