Yadav family drama: Onus is on Akhilesh to keep SP flock together...

Yadav family drama: Onus is on Akhilesh to keep SP flock together as uncle Shivpal threatens to split the party


The simmering feud within Samajwadi Party has resurfaced with former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav’s uncle Shivpal Yadav announcing he will form a new political outfit – a Samajwadi Secular Morcha – which will be headed by his brother Mulayam Singh Yadav. The timing is significant as Akhilesh has just launched a membership drive and asked SP district presidents to report on leaders who indulged in anti-party activities during the election campaign. Shivpal is also likely to meet senior leaders to tap in to discontent. Now the onus is really on Akhilesh to keep the SP flock together.
There was a lot of heartburn when he staged a coup to take over the party reins in January. Shivpal blames Akhilesh for SP’s complete rout in the assembly polls thereafter, where they won only 47 out of 403 seats while BJP and allies won a whopping 325. In addition, Akhilesh’s outreach to Mayawati for a Bihar-like grand alliance to take on an ascendant BJP has not gone down well with SP’s old guard, which has spent over two decades opposing the BSP chief.
The old guard must realise that SP’s future lies with Akhilesh who is only 43 years old. Although the new Yogi government is investigating allegations of irregularities in Akhilesh’s pet developmental projects, the Agra-Lucknow expressway and Lucknow metro are acknowledged as major accomplishments by the public. Akhilesh should take the challenge thrown by Shivpal head on and use the opportunity to remove the deadwood, modernise the party agenda and rebuild SP on his own terms. If Akhilesh can show political maturity to bring SP, BSP and Congress under one umbrella, he can considerably alter UP’s political dynamics and emerge as the new binding factor for non-BJP politics in the 2019 election.

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