All you Need to Know about Basketball Courts and the Tiles?

All you Need to Know about Basketball Courts and the Tiles?

The space where basketball is played is a rectangular court with baskets at each end. Indoor basketball courts almost always have hardwood tiles installed, whereas outdoor courts are usually made of typical paving materials like concrete and asphalt.

Basketball courts come in a number of sizes, depending on how big the league is. The NBA, which is widely regarded as the best basketball league in the world, has a court that is 94 by 50 feet in size. FIBA, the largest basketball association in the world, on the other hand, uses 91.9 by 49.2 foot courts for their tournaments, which is slightly smaller than an NBA court. Additionally, smaller leagues obviously have smaller courts that measure an average of 84 feet in length.

Importance of a Good Basketball Surface

Basketball is a physically demanding sport that calls for continuous body movements for all aspects of play, including dribbling, shooting, and rebounding. Although this sport provides various health benefits, people should be aware of the risks of accidents and injuries that might happen while playing.

A high quality basketball surface would not only ensure the safety of the players by helping them maintain their grip and balance on the court, but also allow them to perform at their best due to the fact that these surfaces are durable and can withstand high-intensity activities.

Characteristics of a Good Basketball Court Tiles

There are many things to consider if you are thinking of buying flooring tiles for your personal basketball court. The first thing that you want for your basketball is for it to be safe so that you can enjoy as much basketball as you want without worrying about random accidents happening.

Below are some of the characteristics of a basketball court tile from ZSFloorTech manufacturer that define what a good basketball surface really is.

Non-slip Surface

A good basketball court should have a sun-textured surface that helps improve its grip and resistance. Basketball is a sport that involves a lot of running and jumping. A slippery surface would lead to lots of accidents and injuries as a result. Hence, a good basketball court surface must have a smooth but non-slippery surface.

Shock Absorption

The best basketball court tiles should have a shock absorption feature to help protect players from falls while also not sacrificing the rebound rate of the ball. High-quality floor tiles for basketball courts are equipped with shock absorbers. This feature improves the shock absorption capacity of the tiles and the court you’ve installed them on. Other than that, this feature also helps improve the friction between the basketball court tiles and the ground, therefore preventing tiles from slipping. Thus, accidents are unlikely to happen.

Good Grip

As mentioned above, having a floor tile that has a good grip provides a lot of benefits. It primarily prevents injuries that might occur because of players falling and tripping due to the lack of grip on the floor’s surface. Having a floor tile that is stable and does not slide sideways while you are playing gives great assurance to the players and allows them to just play their hearts out without worrying about some random falls.


Even if it means spending more, it would be better to have high quality basketball court tiles than the cheaper ones, which sacrifice many advantages. Of course, the first and most important of all is safety. A safety court would always be worth the money you spent, and it would be a hundred times better than a beautiful court.