From Buckles to Braids: Exploring Different Belt Styles

From Buckles to Braids: Exploring Different Belt Styles

If you want to transform any outfit, the belt is the most underestimated thing but a game changer. Belts and the choice of strap enhance the overall look by adding a hint of personality. From skinny to wide, leather to canvas, buckles to braids, you name it, the belts have it in their endless styles found immaculately available for you to choose from.

Here we will give you a glimpse of different belt styles that can make a difference in the styling game by taking your class to another level.

Classic Leather Belts

Classics are the way forward now; they are a part of the fashion era wherever you live. Leather belts are a classic collection that one can wear multiple times without thinking of changing them. Those among you who believe in having just one piece of the belt, invest in a simple classic quality leather belt; it will make your spending extravagant by making it usable whenever or wherever.

You can get various widths of the belts, making it easier for the buyer to make an informed selection depending on your taste and styling.

Elegance and class are two critical factors in making leather belts the most sought-after belt by all and sundry.

You can wear it over a dress shirt and pants or even a casual outfit; it fits perfectly well.

Braided Belts

You may seek a braided belt to get the wavy, beachy look or a perfectly bohemian style. These belts also have a variety of materials like leather, cotton, and suede, which can give a texture to your outfit.

If you wish to make these bohemian belts extra workable for you, consider selecting different belt buckles types that can make the braided belt get an extra oomph factor.

Braided belts come in various sizes, and the braids may be thick or thin; whatever style suits you or is close to your heart is the best option for you to try on.

Chain Belts

What a remarkable comeback we have seen recently in the surge of chain belts, which add an edge to your outfit. The chain belts have a variety of materials like silver, gold, or any metal of your choice, which comes in customized options. Picky fashionistas always want to use of something extra, so they may get chain belts made of expensive metals like gold or silver.

You can always go right with a chain belt which adds a glamorous finish to the dress and is good to look on high-waisted pants or skirts.

Elastic Belts

If comfort and movement are your preference and you dont want to strike yourselves in selecting the belt for you, then choosing an elastic or spandex strap is the wisest option. The stretchy material makes it easy to adjust according to the waist size.

You have the option of getting these belts in various colors and styles. They can be simple, patterned, or textured; some can even have ornamental decoration pieces.

These elasticized belts give you the offer to use them over an oversized tunic and narrow down your waistline by gathering all the fabric inside.

Wide Belts

So, you want to have a belt, but it should also be functional to define your waist or keep it in an intact shape; you must get wide straps. Using such wide straps mostly made of leather makes the core look sleek artistically. These can be worn practically on any sort of high-waisted pants or skirts or dress.

Western Belts

Belts with large chunky buckles come under the western belts; they have been in fashion for decades. The buckles are decorated with designs or patterns. Western belts make an ideal appeal of beauty and style over denim or a flowy dress. It provides a rugged and modernized look.

Obi Belts

Obi belts are initially a Japanese innovation that gives a touch of elegance to the outfit. Usually made out of a soft material like silk or satin and come in various shapes and sizes. Such belts add body to flowy dresses or oversized blouses by clinching them at the waist to transform your look instantly.