Signs you need to change your ASUS battery

Signs you need to change your ASUS battery

A battery that is not functioning properly can ruin your laptop experience. When it starts overheating, malfunctioning runs down quicker than usual and affecting your laptop experience then that is a sign you need to change your malfunctioning battery.

Whatever model of laptop you use, you can be affected by this problem. For example, if you use an ASUS laptop and you want to know if the Batterie Asus A32-k72 of your ASUS laptop needs to be changed, this article talks about signs you need to look out for.

Signs that show that it’s time to change your ASUS battery.

It is advised that you consult a professional to help you better, however, you need to look out for these signs:

Your ASUS battery runs down easily.

A fully charged laptop should last for at least 6 hours or longer. If your laptop runs down sooner than it usually does, this is a sign that you need to change your battery.

If your ASUS battery unexpectedly shuts down

Indeed, an unexpected glitch does not always mean that your battery has issues but pay attention to how your laptop unexpectedly shuts down and how often this happens. If your laptop powers down after a recent charge, then this might mean your battery is faulty.

When this occurs, try charging your laptop again. If the problem persists, then your battery needs to be changed.

If your ASUS battery charges slowly

If your battery charges slow, this may be another sign that your battery is faulty. A battery that is functioning well charges quickly and retains its power even after it has been disconnected. If your laptop charges slowly then you may need to change the battery.

If your ASUS battery keeps overheating

Laptops are made in such a way that they can cool themselves while in use to get rid of heat. So, if you find out that your laptop is too hot, your battery would be working hard and won’t be able to cool itself.

You would also discover that your laptop would be making a lot of noise since the internal fans are working extra hard to cool your laptop. If your laptop is overheating, make sure you unplug it and stop using it to avoid damage.

Age of your ASUS battery

There are indeed great laptops out there, the truth is that no laptop can last forever. They are not designed that way. If you have been using your laptop for a long time and you start experiencing battery problems, then there is every probability that the age of the laptop is the problem.

Laptops start having problems after 1-2 years of usage or 300-400 charges. If you have an older laptop, it’s probably on borrowed time and would soon need to be changed.


Pay attention to these signs and if you notice that your laptop is exhibiting any of these, then you might need to change it so that you can start enjoying your laptop once more.