Vape Pods vs. Mods: Which is Better for You

Vape Pods vs. Mods: Which is Better for You

There's only one factor that would affect the answer on which is better between a vape pod and a vape mod, and that is the current vaping experience of a person. Let this article be a useful guide on choosing which suits one better, the vape pods or the vape mods. Here are the things to expect between these two vaping devices.

The Choice of Vaping Pros

The title may sound too tempting to grab a vape mod immediately. Still, the same as the title goes, vape mods are more suitable for vapers with at least a year of vaping experience. Vape mods require a lot of proper knowledge to use them efficiently due to the complexity of this device. It is complex because it can also provide various vaping experiences depending on certain vaping needs or demands. Vape mods are so complex this vape device category itself has been divided into different kinds of vape mods: Mechanical, variable, semi-mechanical, hybrid, and squonk mods. Each type of vape mod caters to a different experience for vapers which all require specific knowledge and maintenance. Regardless of vape mod variation, it all comes down to these benefits of why an experienced vaper would prefer a vape mod. These benefits include huge vapor production, warmer vaping hits, different taste experiences, and vape tricks. Although some vape tricks can also be done with a vape pod, like O-rings and the Bane, simultaneous and complicated vape tricks are only achievable when using a vape mod. Vape mods are also the only device that can be used in a vaping competition, especially in cloud-chasing competitions. All the right reasons why vape mods are more suitable for the pros of vaping.

The Perfect Vaping Device for Beginners

Vape pods are vaping devices that relive and directly pay tribute to the primary purpose of vaping, which is an appealing smoking cessation to long-time smokers for a better lifestyle. The appearance and usage of vape mods are very close and similar to a regular cigarette but without the bad impact of smoking. It is the most convenient and easy-to-use vape device to own, even without experience. Vape pods don't require anyone to have specific technical knowledge in vaping to use it efficiently. Plus, vape pods are the most affordable type of vaping device available out there. Pods are also the most compact vaping device in the history of vaping. It has the most ergonomic design and a right-of-the-bat cool-looking aesthetics that doesn't require any extra purchase, unlike with vape mods. While sharing the same basic concept with a vape mod, vape pods don't have the same precise, complicated, and expensive maintenance care that a vape mod has. All the disposable components of a vape pod are purchasable at a lower cost than vape mods' replaceable and disposable peripherals. And putting these into the device is very easy without any specific tools needed, unlike with vape mods. Vape pods are designed to be the most suitable device for beginners before jumping into vape mods. A real definition of being a starter kit for vaping.

Final Thoughts

To put the difference between vape pods and vape mods into perspective, imagine eating an apple. Using a vape pod is like biting straight on an apple to consume it. While using a vape mod is like making the apple into a puree, jam, pie, or fruit bouquet before consuming it to have a different experience that requires specific knowledge for every process. To make the most out of the vaping device, consider the current vaping experience first. Vape mods are best for those seeking upgrades to their vaping journey. New to vaping? Grab a pod kit vape instead!